Weekday / Non Violence
Creative Packaging
Creative Direction, Brand Partnership, Fashion Design, Curation, Concept, Marketing
In 2018, we embarked on a transformative journey, one that transcended fashion and design, and delved deep into the realm of social change. Partnering with the Non-Violence Project (NVP), a revered non-profit organization committed to fostering conflict resolution through education and the fashion brand Weekday to launch a groundbreaking collaboration.
At the core of this partnership was the creation of "PEACE FORCE," a powerful step to spread peace, empathy, and understanding. This initiative emerged as a heartfelt response to the tragic loss of friends and loved ones in our own community due to violence. Our team in Stockholm had witnessed the pain and suffering inflicted upon families struck by violence, and we felt an unyielding commitment to make a difference.
Inspired by the Non-Violence Project's iconic knotted gun logo, we conceptualized the "PEACE FORCE" logo. Our vision was clear: we wanted the styles to be dominated by a force of peace, replacing the harsh presence of traditional law enforcement.
Fusing Fashion and Philanthropy: The PEACE FORCE Collection
To bring our vision to life together with Weekday we introduced a remarkable clothing collection. Each piece in this collection served as a wearable symbol of peace, enabling our customers to champion the cause in their daily lives. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant hues of Brazilian emergency vehicles—green, orange, and black—the collection embodied the spirit of PEACE FORCE.
For us, this collaboration was deeply personal. Our close ties to the community, the friendships we had forged, and the families we had come to know through our work made this endeavor more than just a project—it became a mission.
Our journey with the Non-Violence Project started with a shared desire to engage today's youth in a meaningful way. Together, we discovered the perfect slogan, "PEACE FORCE," a message that harmonized seamlessly with NVP's iconic knotted gun logo. It was a testament to our shared vision of streets ruled by peace rather than force.
As creatives, our commitment to making the world a better place has never been more resolute. The Weekday x Non-Violence Project collaboration continues to inspire us, reminding us that fashion can be a catalyst for positive change.