Sennheiser / The Brooklyn Circus
Brand Partnership, Content creation, Production, Creative Direction.

The Citizens of Sound

Our role in this project allowed us to shape the vision and ensure its successful execution, creating a tableau of beautiful portraits. These moments represent the people behind today’s sound culture while capturing the Sennheiser experience and positioning a brand with such a strong legacy in a cultural relevant space.
Expanding on their mission – The Future of Audio, Sennheiser presents The Citizens of Sound; an exhibit produced by The Brooklyn Circus in collaboration with film photographers Rog & Bee Walker + Aeric Meredith-Goujon. Under our leadership as the project manager and brand partnership coordinator, we oversaw every aspect, including budget management, concept development, ideation and production.
Curated by The Rose Marie Ines gallery, this exhibit brings together a community of music lovers, artists & experts as they experience their favourite song for the first time on a pair of Sennheiser HD1 or HD800 headphones while we capture their facial expression when tuning in.