Brand Partnership, Creative Consulting
Concept, Curation, Event Planning, Marketing Strategy

Dubbed “a festival within the festival” by the home furnishing company, IKEA wanted to bring another vibe to the Boston Calling Festival in 2018. Offering the attendees live DJing and artists from Sweden, free food, and ample opportunities to kick back and recharge in Instagram-worthy hammocks and bunks beds.

For this IKEA needed help to present the “modern Sweden” and they wanted to introduce US audiences to Sweden’s most interesting and progressive R&B and hip-hop artists at the festival.

In the realm of creativity, we crafted an idea that would fit perfectly with IKEAs innovative vistas for the future. Together with IKEA we translated our book “Third Culture Kids” and printed 3000 copies to hand out for free to the visitors at the festival. Then we carefully selected a handful of TCK artists who sing/rap in Swedish but the tone of their music could easily resonate with an American speaking audience. 

Artists on deck to perform included Cherrie, Sammy & Johnny Bennett, DJ Finest and Robin Kadir.

In this creative journey, we transcended mere product or brand, diving headfirst into the vibrant tapestry of the soul of the third culture kid experience—a journey where the Swedish story waiting to be told echoed with the rhythm of the creation of IKEA.