Brilliant Minds, Kevind Durant Foundation, Stockholm Stad
Community Development
Industrial Design, Community Engagement, Public Space Design, Creative Direction

As the Creative Directors for “KD Court: Tensta”, collaborating with Kevin Durant and Brilliant Minds to build two basketball courts in Tensta was a dream project. Our involvement in this project was met with enthusiasm and a commitment to making a meaningful impact. Our creative contributions encompassed conscientious planning and thoughtful design.

This included crafting a vision that extended beyond the conventional, offering a lasting and resonant solution. We provided a robust social lab for ideas, ensuring that the youth of Tensta's voices were heard and valued throughout the creative process.

One remarkable feature we're particularly proud of is the innovative use of the image of a basketball player in hijab, symbolizing identity and recognition for the community. Our carefully designed basketball courts and the work behind it enhances both functionality and aesthetics, illuminating the path toward positive change.

The overall plan we devised integrates all these elements seamlessly, weaving together a tapestry of purpose and creativity. Our collective efforts aim to not only transform physical spaces but also foster a sense of hope and community within this marginalized area of Sweden.

Graphic Design: Paloma Demanet